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Speak troops, everything is fine with you? As Free Fire is constantly being updated because of these hacks that are being used, so every day app developers have to be updating their apps to the new version of the game. Just to reinforce here that apps that modify the configuration of the cell phone do not ban the game, stay CALM!

There are apps that can increase the sensitivity of the cell phone. You just need to be a little careful and use only applications that don’t modify Free Fire, ok?

Free Fire – It is the most popular shooting and survival game in recent times, which is available on mobile. Each game in the game lasts about 10 minutes and puts you on a large remote island where you face 50 other players, all pursuing the same goal of survival. Players freely choose their starting point with the parachute, trying to stay in the safety zone for as long as possible.

Drive multiple vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in the trenches or make yourself invisible when lying under the grass. Ambush your enemies, aim and shoot, gather as much equipment as possible, there is only one objective here in the game and that is: to survive. Survival in its original form: Look for weapons, stay inside the safe zone in the game, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go to airdrops, avoiding air attacks to gain this small advantage against other players.


Of course, landing in a spot with good loot is critical to getting the best gear early in the game. However, these locations are the most sought after by players. Therefore, it is important to calculate the weight of risk you will take once you hit the ground. There is the possibility of getting a good weapon, but it will not be useful if you are surrounded by opponents. That’s why it’s often important to choose a place where you know you’ll be able to go down practically on your own and where you’ll find equipment that will make the next fights easy to win. GloboEsporte listed the best jumping places in Bermuda and Kalahari, where you can see the main points of each one.


One of the main tips of Free Fire, avoiding open field is essential for you to be able to do well during the game. Of course, in the ultimate safe zones this becomes virtually impossible to control, but as long as you can stay in safe places, do it. Knowing this tip, you already get ahead of your opponents. Mainly because many still prefer to run around the map instead of finding a safe place to stay. In the competitive scenario, for example, the main battles of the match happen with teams trying to dominate places they consider safe.



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